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    Is There Anything At All Beneficial About Mosquitoes?

    Mosquitoes are annoying pests at the least and disease-carrying vermin at the very worst. Why do they propagate? What earthly purpose could they possibly serve? Scientists say that mosquitoes actually make up an important part of the ecosystem. In the arctic, migrating birds eat them to survive. Fish eat mosquito larvae, and some species of lizards and reptiles use them as food, too.

    Do All Mosquitoes Bother Humans?

    There are only 200 of the 3,500 species of mosquitoes that pester humans, but you may not believe it when you’re walking through the woods on a warm summer night.

    How Long Do Mosquitoes Live?

    Since the mosquito is a type of fly, it has a similar developmental span. Beginning as eggs, mosquitoes hatch into larvae before transforming into pupae, whose body parts then harden, allowing them to take flight and search for nourishment. This life cycle takes approximately two weeks to a month. In favorable conditions, such as a garage or attic, a mosquito can live up to six months, but this is rare.

    What Exactly Attracts Mosquitoes?

    Water is the main draw for these pests, since it’s the essential environment for laying eggs. Water is a big draw for mosquitoes. They also favor hot and humid places. If you’re big on exercising, you’re also a big target for them. They’re attracted to carbon monoxide, which you produce as you breathe heavily after a run. They also like body heat, another side-effect of exercising. Dark colors are also irresistible — and beer! If you’ve spent a warm afternoon enjoying a few cold ones and they can smell it on your skin, you’re the next item on tap.

    How is the Zika Virus Transmitted?

    Apart from the originating bite by an infected mosquito, the virus can continue to spread from human to human. Pregnant women can transmit it to their unborn babies, and it can even be transmitted during sex. Since it is a blood-borne illness, it can even be transmitted through transfusions.

    When Are Mosquitoes Out for Blood?

    It depends on which area of the country you live. If the temperature is under 50 degrees, they’ll be inactive, but once it goes above that, they’re back in business. In San Antonio, where the temperature can bounce from the 30s to the 70s — often in the same day — mosquitoes are never really gone. That’s why mosquito control services like MosquitoNix operate year-round.

    Do Mosquitoes Have Any Same-Species Predators?

    Like almost every other species on earth, mosquitoes face threats from their own. Dragonflies are big mosquito eaters, since they’re also found dwelling by the water. Damselflies also eat their larvae. And, of course, a mosquito caught in a spider’s web is dinner. Certain species of mosquitoes will eat other mosquitoes and larvae will even eat other larvae!

    So What’s So Attractive About Blood?

    You might think that all mosquitoes drink blood and use it for nourishment. In fact, only females need blood, and the only reason they need it is to cultivate their eggs and propagate the species. Otherwise, they eat pollen, the mosquito’s primary food source.

    How High and Fast Can Mosquitoes Fly?

    It’s easy to outrun a mosquito. They can only fly one to one and a half miles an hour, which is slower than your walking speed. Most mosquitoes fly at a height of about 25 feet, but other species can vary. It’s said the Asian Tiger Mosquito flies — and breeds — at 40 feet in the air!

    Do Mosquito Repellent Apps Really Work?

    Can you actually prevent yourself from being bitten with an iPhone? Some people swear they actually work, while others think they’re useless. There are two things they’ll definitely do — drain your phone’s battery and use up your data.

    One thing that is guaranteed to work is a treatment from MosquitoNix® San Antonio. Contact us today for your free quote today!

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