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    After a rather dry summer, the Alamo City had a particularly soggy September, with even more rain in the forecast. That means mosquitoes will remain active throughout the coming weeks. In fact, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) says that erratic weather patterns and record-breaking rainfall are expected to cause an increase in pest pressure across the continental U.S. this fall and winter.

    As you know, not only are mosquitoes and their bites annoying, they can also carry diseases, posing a threat to children and pets.

    Excessive rain creates standing pools of waters in yards, causes overgrown shrubbery and clogged rain gutters, giving mosquitoes plenty of welcome places to raise their families. You may not even be aware of it, but your yard could be covered in eggs that can hatch and trigger a mosquito outbreak in just a few days.

    As a first measure of defense, you can make sure that these saturated, overgrown areas are dry and free of debris. Your best course of action, however, is to have your home and yard treated by a professional.

    That’s where MosquitoNix® of San Antonio comes in.

    We utilize a combination of eco-friendly foggers, mosquito granules and larvicide, helping to rid problem areas of these annoying pests, which will aid in keeping your pets and children safe and allow you to enjoy your yard in peace.

    MosquitoNix® offers two types of treatments: the industry-leading, customized misting system and the QuickNix® three-step program for immediate, temporary relief from the biting bugs.

    “This has been an exceptional year for mosquito development here in San Antonio,” said MosquitoNix® sales director Jeremy Tarver. “We can help you fight back against these annoying intruders and keep your yard safe and comfortable.”

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