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    Maintaining your MosquitoNix system is simple — and most services are included as part of your Full Service agreement.


    With a MosquitoNix Full Service agreement, MosquitoNix will regularly refill the solution reservoir, and perform annual winterization and de-winterization maintenance.

    The MosquitoNix service and maintenance agreement includes:

    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Annual Winterization
    • Annual De-Winterization
    • Regularly Scheduled Service Visits
    • Price Guarantee
    • Transferable

    If you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED within the first 30 days, we will remove the system and refund 100% of your investment.


    Customers enrolled in the Full Service program receive a lifetime warranty on all original parts and labor from the date of installation (*excludes pump, motor, and control unit which carry a limited one to five year warranty based on your market; please contact your local service center for additional information.)


    Winterization services include flushing the system with a special protective additive, and performing winter maintenance on the suction line and pull float switch. MosquitoNix includes this service in all full-service contracts.


    For proper De-Winterization, MosquitoNix will replace the float assembly, provide a full system check on nozzles, motor and tubing, completely top off the drum (pro-rated refill charge), and activate your mosquito prevention system. MosquitoNix includes this service in all full-service accounts.


    Our Full Service program includes regularly scheduled service visits, based on your system needs, usage and nozzle count, and may include tank refills and minor system adjustments.

    • Refills:  As part of the MosquitoNix Full Service program, MosquitoNix will regularly refill your reservoir drum, and perform a full diagnostic check of the system with each visit. The frequency of your refills will depend on your nozzles count, size of the misting system and the duration and frequency of mistings.


    The MosquitoNix Full Service program comes with a one-year price guarantee. Your Monthly Auto-Pay (MAP) will not be increased for a minimum of one year after date of execution.


    The MosquitoNix Full Service program is transferable, when you move into a home with a MosquitoNix misting system already installed, MosquitoNix will transfer the Full Service program to the new owner, including all applicable warranties for an applicable fee.