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    Keep uninvited and annoying guests from crashing your party

    Our temporary mosquito elimination solution for Outdoor Parties, Special Events, Municipalities, Multi-person Residence, Apartments, Condos, Town Homes, HOA’s, Assisted Living and Commercial Properties. No matter the occasion, a QuickNix fogging treatment will keep pests off your guest list.


    Nothing beats the festive atmosphere of an outdoor event — as long as mosquitos aren’t on the guest list. With the QuickNix 3-step mosquito treatment program, you can ensure your next event is by-invitation-only. Certified MosquitoNix technicians perform each treatment, including a property inspection and evaluation, and a 3-step QuickNix treatment.

    The 3-step QuickNix process includes:

    • Mosquito Fogging A fogger is used around dense vegetation, shrubs, hedges and tree canopies.
    • Mosquito Granules – Fine eco-friendly granules are spread over your lawn.
    • Mosquito Larvicide – A small amount of mosquito larvicide, an eco-friendly solution is placed in areas of standing water around your property

    With our powerful combination of mosquito foggers and granules, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor event — we’ll take care of the pests.

    The 3-step QuickNix program provides a powerful temporary mosquito control solution that allows you to relax and safely enjoy outdoor events.

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